K1D is a Belgo-Senegalese up-and-coming rapper who is setting his sights on the international realm with his tasty flows and Atlanta bass-heavy sounds. A calm and self-assured talent, K1D has watched his profile blow up over the past 2 years, after landing a Sony Music deal, recording a stunning COLORS session and being featured on the NBA 2K18 soundtrack.

K1D dropped 2 EPs to critical acclaim - ‘High Hopes’ and ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’. Crowd pleasures like 'Netflixxx', 'Gossip' and ‘Magic’ always unleash spontaneous moshpits, while he energetically bounces around on stage after getting introduced by Siri. He has performed over 100 shows last year in BE, NL, FR & USA. K1D is currently working on a new EP and ready to party.


CLASH (UK) - K1D is a confident, perpetually creative MC. His bars resonate in a way few other rising rappers manage to match.

DE STANDAARD (BE) - K1D shows skills and self-confidence at his shows, sweeping the crowd up quite expertly.


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